"Stephanie loves to sing and act.  She has an incredible vocal range and works hard at perfecting her craft."

– Vickie S. 

"Stephanie is a terrific talent.  She has the voice of an angel, especially when she is singing at church."

–  Melany D. 

"Stephanie has shown talent and exhibited poise beyond her years.  Most of all she remains down-to-earth, polite and humble."

– John M.

"Stephanie always makes time to help others especially during a rehearsal and in life in general. She certainly is a great role model!"

-  Tracy B.

Congratulations to your selection in the SJ Magazines feature "KID's TO WATCH for 2016.  

​-Chris Y.

What Others Say

Stephanie Rose Masapollo,a 14 year old New Jersey resident began singing at age 7.In addition to singing, she also participates in Karate, Softball, School and Independent Summer Stage Plays,and was selected to the South Jersey Choir & Women's Choir .Stephanie has won several singing awards.  She was also the winning contestant (2014) as a "KOHL's KID".Recently she was featured in SJ Magazine as "KIDS TO WATCH-2016 and won the MS "IDOL" Contest.She enjoys Softball, Rock Wall Climbing, Singing, Musical Theatre and spending time with friends.  She also runs a kids charity (CFK- Costumes For Kids) that collects used Halloween costumes for kids that either cannot afford them or have been a part of a tragedy like Super Storm Sandy. Stephanie, most of all, loves to sing, dance and act! Stephanie likes to sing Disney songs, show tunes, current songs and songs from the 60's and 70's.She has performed in Cinderella at the Pitman Theater Summer Camp.She has performed in many plays at Mainstage Center for the Arts, Music Recitals, talent shows and is a singer and dancer in the Harmony Show Chior.  She also has performed in Ocean City, NJ and Sea Isle, NJ and for Royal Carribean. Considering her age, she has shown remarkable poise in performing whether it is for a crowd of 20 or 2,000. For more info click on the CFK Button above. 

My Story



She's a great young women making very good decisions around things that are truly important in life. She is a very good example of helping those less fortunately. We are very proud of her.