Right now we very little time, need to get the word out and need more collection sites.  At this time, the only collection site will be at SolarWorks NJ--900 Route 168, Suite A-5 in Turnersville, NJ. "We are hoping a store like Target or restaurant like Carrabba's will help us out".

Stephanie is confident that if she can the word out people will respond.  "Washington Township and surrounding areas have nice charitable people who care". 

For more information call: office 856-232-6363 ; cell 856-979-3527.

Thank you everyone,






COLLECTION SITE: SolarWorks NJ  Monday thru Friday
11 am -1pm; Saturday 10 am -2pm.  If no one is there please leave your donation in the doorway.  We are trying to locate other drop-off points.
 11 Year Old, Stephanie Masapollo From Washington Township, Gloucester County, NJ

 Last year at age 10 Stephanie Masapollo from Washington Township, Gloucester County, NJ started thinking about all the children that may have lost their costumes due to Hurricane Sandy and decided she needed to try and help.  By urging friends, classmates, News outlets & TV stations to help spread the word to their viewers in a few short, very hectic days she collected over $1,000 worth of costumes.

Today, a year later, she is continuing with CFK.  Stephanie related "The people who donated costumes last year were very enthusiastic and the kids that received them were very happy."  She hopes that this time around she will collect $5,000 worth of costumes.  "We are starting much earlier this year and should do much better.  We are also going national in our distribution as there have been many areas of the US devastated by very bad weather."  Right now CFK is considering Moore, Oklahoma; Colorado and areas still affected by Hurricane Sandy.  According to her father Steve, "In order to be successful, we need more companies to volunteer as drop off points and information centers.  It would be a plus for the media to spread the word."  Her Dad added that shipping supplies and costs will also be an issue  as this charity does not accept money--just costumes.  It's important for people in other areas know that people from Washing Twp. & NJ care about them as individuals" says Stephanie.

Stephanie, now a 6th grader is hoping stores that sell costumes will donate and people will donate so she can get these costumes to those in need as soon as possible.  Her goal is to make sure that every child needs a costume gets one.  "Every costume is important whether used or new.  Accessories help as well." 

Stephanie is very aware of accomplishing this daunting task, however she will not be deterred.  According to her father Steve Masapollo, Stephanie is mature beyond her years, has a big heart and believes in what she is doing...whether it's Washington Twp . Girls Softball, school work, Girl Scouts, or singing in the choir or soloist.

According to Stephanie, "She realizes that without the word reaching the people it will be very hard to accomplish, however she believes that it is very important that every child affected by a disaster deserves to have a costume and have fun."






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Sylvan Star Citizen Stephanie Massapollo
Stephanie Massapollo with Halloween Costume

Stephanie Masapollo "joking"

around with a donated costume.